New study suggests, Wyoming residents still love their dogs!

    (Wyoming) – Throughout the years, Wyoming has ranked very high for pet lovers!

    Every year, the group at tally several metrics about dog lovers in each state. Several factors are weighed, in deciding the most and least friendly states for dog owners including; dog grooming searches, dog toy and food shipments, number of dog parks, adoption centers and much more.

    Overall, Wyoming ranks as the 7th friendliest state for dog owners. We also rank number one in the country for our dog parks to population ratio.


    Meanwhile, some of our Rocky Mountain neighboring states also rank high;

    • Colorado leads the pack as the most dog-loving state, with more than 10,000 residents per month Googling ‘dog toys’ and ‘dog grooming.’
    • Idaho takes second place, boasting the highest percentage of dog owners, with more than 58% of its population owning a canine companion.
    • Wyoming has the highest number of dog parks per 100,000 residents and ranks seventh overall.

    The top 10 states for dogs include;

    1. Colroado
    2. Idaho
    3. Arizona
    4. Florida
    5. Neavda
    6. Washington
    7. Wyoming
    8. Oregon
    9. Tennessee
    10. Georgia

    For the full list, click here.


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