The Even family: The heart of the hunt

    (Dubois, WY)- This is a heartfelt County 10 podcast that gives us a glimpse of the remarkable Even family. Recorded in the picturesque town of Dubois, Wyoming, this episode takes you on a journey through the trials and triumphs of a family deeply connected. This podcast was recorded as Adlyn prepares for her late season Mule Deer hunt thanks to the Muley Fanatic Foundation.

    While we’ve previously explored Adlyn Even’s inspiring journey on County 10, this episode shifts the focus to the heart of it all—the Even family. Adlyn’s story is one of incredible resilience and determination, and through this podcast, we get a glimpse into the vital role of family and community.

    Meet the Even Family:


    A stoic and kind-hearted woman, Adlyn’s mother, Anne, serves as a beacon of strength, radiating kindness. Her emotions and compassion shine brightly in this podcast. I believe that when parents face such challenging situations, we may sometimes underestimate the profound impact it has on them. The Even family is incredibly resilient, facing what they have, and Anne’s connection to the community and her ability to cherish the small, often overlooked moments is truly touching.

    Zach, Adlyn’s father, is a multifaceted individual – a dedicated hunter, educator, and an all-around pleasant person. His passion for hunting and the outdoors can be seen in his children. Zach generously shares his outdoor experiences and underscores the significance of preserving these traditions for the next generation, a commitment he upholds through his work with LVHS.

    Adlyn’s twin brother, Brooks, shares her passion for sports and hunting. While he may be reserved, he is an exceptionally kind and considerate brother. Their shared love for outdoor adventures serves to deepen their connection, and witnessing their presence together in the great outdoors is a remarkable experience.

    One of the most heartwarming aspects of the Even family’s story is the incredible support they have received from their community. This podcast underscores the power of community, showcasing how neighbors, friends, and well-wishers have rallied behind the family in their times of need.


    Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family! While our spotlight shines on Adlyn, her family’s stories and experiences deliver a poignant reminder of the unbreakable ties that bind families and the heartwarming embrace of a tight-knit community. This isn’t just a podcast about hunting and the great outdoors; it’s a living testament to the enduring strength of love and support, even when faced with life’s most formidable challenges.

    To listen to this episode, you can access it from any podcast platform or directly from County 10.


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