The County 10 podcast from Grand Teton National Park with Kevin Taylor and the County 10 Morning Show

    (Wyoming)- Grand Teton National Park has visitors from all over the world that travel to see the views, many Wyomingites are left missing out on seeing this great place. I want to share how you can visit GTNP and see very few people, as well as seeing ample wildlife and gaining ample knowledge. In this podcast episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Taylor of Teton Science Schools who has been involved with Grand Teton and Yellowstone for 20 years.

    The beauty that is located in Wyoming is always something that is awe-inspiring to me. I want Wyomingites in particular to take in some of the areas we may avoid due to high tourist numbers. Close to 4 million people visit Grand Teton National Park a year. Kevin discusses how on tours with TSS you can avoid the crowds with some backroad, wildlife and timing knowledge that the average person just wouldn’t necessarily have the experience to know but they do as wildlife guides. Plus they have some amazing opportunities for kids, which Kevin really has a passion for teaching and inspiring.

    Find out why choose Grand Teton over Yellowstone and some secret gems with Kevin in this great podcast. What is Kevin’s favorite animal to view in Grand Teton? What is the best time of the day to see animals? Did you know there was a cheetah that lived here in Wyoming? Find out more below!


    In just a few hours we had seen multiple species of wildlife. Kevin Taylor has an extensive background so even if you think you know about an animal or area he will definitely still teach you something you just have to be willing to listen and sometimes be patient.

    “Patient as a Great Blue Heron” ~ Kevin Taylor of Teton Science Schools


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