Thank you to our Readers

    As we prepare to begin the year-end Holiday Season with a few days of family, we at County 10 want to say a heartfelt thank you to all our readers and our radio station listeners. We do all of this because of you.

    Our mission is really simple: to connect the community.

    Knowing what’s happening around us can break down barriers. It can help us see where we can get involved, where our own personal talent and passion can make a difference. It can help us see others in a different light and knowing each other’s stories can bring people together. It can give us greater purpose when we know how we fit into the greater landscape of this place we call home.


    We believe all this and more can come from the power of connection. It can get us moving, get us involved, help us grow both personally and as a community.

    We take our mission seriously. So far this year, we’ve published almost 6,000 news stories on which have been viewed a collective 12,615,687 times. We’ve doubled our newsroom staff and expanded our coverage of almost every topic. Our news and information is carried on four local radio stations and shared across the State on other digital platforms and social media.

    All that makes us the undisputed news leaders in Fremont County, which both humbles us and inspires us to keep pushing and growing to fulfill our mission for our community – which is all of you.

    We’ll celebrate more wins with you through the last month of the year, but for the next few days, our staff is going to take a little break. They work hard and they deserve it.


    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you – this year, like every year, you are one of our top reasons to be thankful!

    -The County 10 Team


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