St. Margaret’s Staff Spotlight: “God Brought Me Here”

    “I truly feel like God brought me here. I feel thankful that He knew what I needed and when I needed it,” shared Jennifer Person, known more commonly in her classroom and the school hallways as “Mrs. Jen,” is the Preschool and After-Care Director at St. Margaret’s School.

    In a swoop of divine planning just in time, Mrs. Jen joined St. Margaret’s School the fall 2022. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching children learn and grow. I often sit looking at my class laughing with them and think to myself ‘they pay me for this!’ What an awesome thing to do for ‘work.’”

    “Children are the spice of life,” shared Mrs. Jen as she reflects on feeling called to work with young children at a young age. “I didn’t know what path I wanted to take, but working in education is definitely rewarding, one that I’m thankful for pursuing.”

    Mrs. Jen and a student joyfully talk about different features of a show-and-share item. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Staff know that when Mrs. Jen enters the room, joy and happiness follow her. Maria, School Secretary at St. Margaret’s School, said, “She is the light of the party! She’s always happy, and when you go someplace, probably she will be the one people would like to sit by because she’s fun and she’s joyful.” 

    Mrs. Jen poses with one of her preschoolers on the first day of school. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Make no mistake, though – Mrs. Jen gets down to business in preschool. She stays up to date on innovative learning strategies to help her preschoolers learn important age-appropriate skills. Mrs. Jen wants her students to not only be prepared socially, emotionally, and spiritually, but also ready for the “brain work” of Kindergarten.

    “It’s so important at this age to foster an excitement for learning and to learn social/emotional skills,” shared Mrs. Jen. “When they leave my room, I want them to feel inspired to learn and to know that education is important.”

    Mrs. Jen won’t miss a chance to dress up! She and her preschoolers give the older kids high-fives as they come in from recess. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Mrs. Jen is the kind of teacher who needs reminding that vacation time is available for her, but she said, “If I ever did play hooky for a day, I would be found camping, sewing, crocheting or eating.” She also thinks if she were to win an award, it would be for “The Most Organized Chaos,” which is a pretty great skill-set for a preschool teacher. Colleagues at St. Margaret’s School think she’d win a “Life of the Party” award though.

    Mrs. Jen answers a student’s question during a classroom blessing. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    As she reflects on her roles as a mom and teacher, the greatest gift she has been given is her family, especially her sons. “Being their mother has given me many skills that I use in my career too!”

    Inspire your child’s faith, embrace their uniqueness, and discover a path to excellence at St. Margaret’s School. Classroom space is still available for preschool through 5th grade. Register your child today by calling 307-856-5922 or online here. Help your child reach their full potential at St. Margaret’s School and pave the way for their future filled with faith, knowledge and success. For more information visit St. Margaret’s School or call to schedule a tour.

    Mrs. Jen and a student lead the rest of the class in their Days of the Week Sign Language song. h/t St. Margaret’s School

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