#Smiles: Romero selected as a 2024 Lakota All-Star player

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    (Pavillion, WY) – Wind River High School student-athlete Wambli Romero was selected as a 2024 Lakota All-Star basketball player. This 5’11” senior will bring his game to the Summit Arena at The Monument in Rapid City, South Dakota, on March 30.

    This is the fifth year as an event, according to LASG Coordinator Dale Pine Jr., who also said, “This was probably the deepest pool in terms of having to make tough decisions.”

    Wambli plays guard for Wind River, and they have him down as guard for the Lakota All-Star games.

    He’s rostered on team Tatanka with not only Riverton’s Dre’vin Monroe, but his cousin Kanye Hollow Horn from Pine Ridge.

    Wambli shared what he was most looking forward to with the Lakota All-Star games, “Getting to play a style that I’ve grown up playing – fast-paced. I think playing with other people like me will be fun. And it’s a good experience to have since I’m going to be out of high school. Just like one more thing to do before I leave.”

    Like Dre’vin, he has played on Wyoming Power and the AMERIND All-West Native American Basketball Classic.

    His mom, Dee Romero, also mentioned that Dale looks at the association of the Lakota Tribes when selecting athletes for the All-Star games. She is from Eagle Butte, and they have family in the surrounding areas and Rapid City.

    “Pretty pumped,” Wambli said about playing in the All-Star games. “I’m excited to go. Glad I got selected. Remember to stay humble about it. Not to be too cocky. Share the experience with my mom and family.”

    Dee said, “I’m pretty excited. We get to go home.”

    This is a bittersweet year for Wambli as his high school basketball career ends. He’s been playing with the same group of athletes since 6th grade.

    “I think it’s been a great experience,” Head Coach Mark Cress said about Wambli. “He’s a great kid. You couldn’t ask for a better athlete or person. He’s been real responsive. He’s been a leader on the team. He is the leader on the team, I should say. He’s been incredible. I wish I had 10 players like this to go into regionals or state tournaments with because it’s so much easier when you have those kinds of people. He’s been great. Not enough to be said about him. He’s awesome. I enjoy him.”

    In the fall, he will be pursuing an automotive technology degree. Possibly at Central Wyoming College or United Tribes Technical College, he shared.

    As far as basketball goes, he said, “I hope I get to play. It will be a good experience if I play.”

    For those out there looking to pursue basketball and the Lakota All-Star Games, Wambli said, “Chase your dreams, do as much as you can. Follow your passion and what leads you to be the best you can be. Stay humble.”

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