#Smiles: Monroe selected as a 2024 Lakota All-Star player

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    (Riverton, WY) – Riverton High School student-athlete Dre’Vin Monroe was selected to be a 2024 Lakota All-Star basketball player. This 6’2″ senior will bring his game to the Summit Arena at The Monument in Rapid City, South Dakota, on March 30.

    This is the fifth year as an event, according to LASG Coordinator Dale Pine Jr., who also said, “This was probably the deepest pool in terms of having to make tough decisions.”

    The selection news came in the early morning hours for the Monroe family.

    “It was early in the morning, my mom woke me up for school, and she was just like, ‘Did you see you got selected?'” Dre’vin explained. “And I was shocked. Like, it woke me straight up out of a dead sleep. That’s how excited I was.”

    Dre’vin is not the only one excited to have received this invititation, but his family is as well.

    “As a family, we are proud of him and excited to see him represent in the 2024 Lakota All-Star Games, and we commend him on his hard work and dedication to becoming the student-athlete that he is,” shared his mom, Kenzie Monroe.

    Dre’vin noted that the exposure and all the competition from around the nation are what he is most looking forward to at the All-Star games.

    “I think just all of us coming together. I’m excited to put all our tribes on the map. That would be great.”

    He has been a Wolverine all through junior high and high school. He started playing with some of his teammates in the fifth grade.

    “Playing with them for a long time. Those are my brothers.”

    He is a varsity starter for the Wolverines and plays power forward and center. Not only does he play for Riverton, but he has gained exposure from playing for big-name platforms, such as Wyoming Power.

    He also played in the Native American Nationals Basketball Tournament in Mesa, Arizona, and the AMERIND All-West Native American Basketball Classic.

    In addition to basketball, he played baseball and football in and for Riverton leagues since he was young.

    He plans to attend a junior college that isn’t too far away and continue playing basketball after high school.

    Dre’vin ended the interview by saying, “Glory to God. All this through him.”

    This year’s 2024 Lakota All-Star selection pool includes athletes from as far away as Alaska and two from Wyoming, including Dre’vin. Wambli Romero from Wind River High School was also invited to play. County 10 is in the process of reaching out for an interview.

    Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

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