Shoshoni Town Council approves fiscal year 2024 budget, with amendments

    The Shoshoni Town Council made several changes to the municipal budget for fiscal year 2024 before voting on final approval this week.

    The amendments came out of a budget workshop the council held earlier this month.

    “It was a good workshop,” Councilmember Jake Stetler said this week.


    Shoshoni Police Department chief Chris Konija summarized the workshop, which resulted in “some revenue adjustments.”

    In particular, he said, the council identified some sewer expansion project bills that had already been paid this year, resulting in a $66,000 increase in “available revenues that were unexpended.”

    Amendments to the budget were as follows:
    -add real estate sales under general fund revenue for $30,000
    -increase miscellaneous revenue under general fund revenue from $5,000 to $12,000
    -add Fremont County recreation under capital project revenue for $7,000
    -decrease the sewer expansion under capital project revenue by $10,204
    -add employee bonus merit pay under general administration for $20,000
    -increase payroll taxes under general administration for $1,530
    -increase grass maintenance under parks and recreation by $1,800
    -add tree maintenance under parks and recreation for $3,000
    -decrease sewer expansion under capital project expenditures by $30,620

    Konija noted that the employee bonus merit pay “had been previously brought up … but at the time it was not feasible to have that added to the budget, so this allowed that to be possible.”


    The council approved the budget on third reading Tuesday, with the amendments.

    For more information call the Town of Shoshoni at 876-2515.


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