Shoshoni Elementary Student of the Week: Ekirrah Jenkins

    Each week, staff at Shoshoni Elementary nominate a student who has shown exemplary behavior towards their peers and academics. To view all nominated students, click here.

    We are proud to announce that the Student of the Week for fourth grade is an exemplary individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, hard work, and a genuine passion for learning. Ekirrah Jenkins sets a commendable example for her peers.

    One of the key qualities that sets Ekirrah apart is her unwavering commitment to hard work. Whether tackling challenging assignments, participating in class discussions, or engaging in extracurricular activities, she approaches every task with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Ekirrah’s perseverance in the face of challenges serves as an inspiration to classmates and showcases a determination to succeed that is truly commendable.


    Moreover, this student exhibits a profound care for her own learning journey. What sets this Ekirrah apart is her proactive approach to self-improvement. In recognition of Ekirrah’s outstanding efforts, we are delighted to honor her as the Shoshoni Elementary Student of the Week.

    Mrs. Rodriguez & Mrs. Good


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