Several local mayors share an open letter to Fremont County residents

Today, May 6th, Riverton Mayor Richard Gard, along with Pavillion Mayor Chuck Snyder, Shoshoni Mayor Joel Highsmith, and Dubois Mayor John Meyer, shared an open letter to Fremont County residents. The letter shares their concerns for Fremont County communities, both economically and the overall well-being of the residents, during this time of extended closures.

Fremont County is now in its 7th week of compliance with public health orders implemented by Governor Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health, Mayor Gard shared on the phone. “I think they have overstepped their constitutional bounds. We have been in compliance. Their focus should shift to those who have the illness and protecting those who are at-risk.”

Statewide public health orders began in late March and, as of May 1st, restrictions are being eased statewide.


In the letter and on the phone, Mayor Gard shared an increased concern in the last three weeks for the economic impact this will have on our communities in Fremont County. “We are down to serious business,” he said. “Eventually, people will start making choices that cause them to be in violation of orders.” The letter also notes the increase in violence during this time and attributes that to job/income insecurities, length of the stay-at-home request, and general worry.

During the last three weeks, Mayor Gard explained he has been in conversation with health officials about these concerns and re-opening businesses. “We would like to have more of a voice,” he said.

You can read the complete letter here: Letter to Fremont County Citizens

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