‘Save America Rally’ held in Riverton on Saturday

(Riverton, WY) – On October 30th, despite cold, damp weather, about twenty people gathered at the invitation of the Fremont County Wyoming Republican Party to advocate for a variety of causes intended to address current issues of concern, according to a press release. 

The Save America Rally was organized by Lori Webber and Party Chairwoman Ginger Bennett. The event had no fixed agenda but was intended to provide a public forum for County residents to meet and exchange ideas and information. 

“The idea behind this event,” Ginger explained, “is to connect like-minded people so that they can share ideas and develop action plans to save America. My goal is to have two topical meetings come out of this: election integrity and educational liberty.”


One group the event attracted was the Wildwood Homeschool Cooperative. The head of this group, Sandy Wilder, explained her reason for attending, “I am here to promote homeschooling to liberate our children from institutionalized education.”

Author Vernis Tromble set up a table to distribute literature and promote his book, Old Chas And the Democrats. 

“I’m here because I want to see the ideals of the (Republican) party embrace life, freedom and prosperity,” Vernis said. “Today I want to advocate for these ideals through my words, writing and other related literature.”

Many people driving by or walking through the park signaled their support for the event with honks and friendly waves, the press release continued. Others stopped to talk to the participants and take literature from the display tables.


Visitor Tina Clifford noticed this and responded, “I’m delighted to see people come out in support of this event and take action to right the ship of state that is careening dangerously, to bring America back to right principles. Things have become badly twisted and divergent from the intent of our Founding Fathers. People know they must do more than talk about the situation and want to do something. But they don’t know what can be done in practical terms. I hope some ideas and good leadership will come out of this event.”

Organizer Lori Webber echoed these thoughts as she explained her motivations, “I felt social conservatives are being unfairly censored in social media and I want to provide a platform for them to network. As a precinct committeewoman, I see that the typical person wants to be active, but doesn’t know how to make their efforts effective. I want to bring these people together with party leadership and professionals to give them the knowledge and tools to make a difference.”

Karl Falken, president of the Wind River Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, set up an information table to promote this and other patriotic heritage societies.


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