SageWest Spotlight: Amy Jarrard, RN Nurse Supervisor

    Introducing Amy Jarrard, RN house supervisor and SageWest’s September employee of the month.

    Amy began her nursing career began in SageWest’s intensive care unit seven years ago assisting the emergency department as needed. Recently promoted to supervisor, Amy now manages the nursing staff. She ensures they feel supported as they prepare for individual patient care each day. “I round with all the departments and help in any way I can. I also provide additional support for trauma patients and their caregivers,” Amy said. “On any given day, I probably walk about 10 miles throughout our hospital. It’s hard work, but I love the people I work with and all our different departments.”

    Working in a small community, patients are often people she knows. “It can be stressful. The care is personal,” Amy said. “But, it’s rewarding to have the knowledge to help someone through a traumatic event or even the passing of a loved one.”

    “I’ve always been interested in nursing and it allows me to help people every day,” Amy said. She pursued nursing following the birth of her two children. “After delivering each of my boys, it was the nurses who made the experience so memorable. They provided personalized and compassionate care to me and my new babies,” Amy explained. This positive experience led Amy to a career of rewarding experiences with her own patients.

    “Many of the stories I have involve keeping patients safe by sharing my knowledge about medicines and treatment plans, especially during stressful or critical situations,” Amy said. “I’ve also had many opportunities to comfort patients and their families, mentor nurses, and collaborate with other departments.”

    In continuing her career with SageWest, Amy plans to expand her nursing skills in critical care to provide even more support to her colleagues.

    Thank you, Amy, for your tireless dedication to our community. You are a valuable representative of SageWest and an essential member of our team.

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