RMS Leather Crafting Club heads to the World Leather Debut in May

    (Riverton, WY) – The Riverton Middle School Leather Crafting Club, led by Bill Klaproth, will head to Sheridan in May for the World Leather Debut—a first for the district.

    The Club started in the fall, but during summer school last year, a leather class was offered. Something Klaproth hopes is offered again this year.

    County 10 was allowed the opportunity to visit the Club last month and meet a few of the students who were working on their World Leather Debut projects.


    One student, Helen, was working on her leather shadow box, which is supposed to look like the inside of a living room. While there, she was making the fireplace. Other items she planned on making included a bearskin rug and a couch.

    Another student, Logan, is making pieces to a plague doctor costume. The plague doctor is most recognized for their iconic long beaks on their masks.

    Logan was also proud of the leather tipi he had made for a class project and wanted to share a little about it.

    “It was for a project showing what the Native people had for a tipi,” Logan explained. “They used it to stay warm, and they had a flap to open up so they could let the smoke out from the campfire.”


    A third student, Darin, is making a purse for the competition.

    The RMS Leather Crafting Club meets twice weekly, which may have to be increased so the students can finish their projects before the event in May.

    Klaproth has been doing leatherwork for about 40 years. Starting his leather career in high school.


    “It’s one of those things that I’ve never done it for a living, but I’ve done it my whole life.”

    He is most excited to see the kids at the World Leather Debut.

    “Watching them get to go through it and see the possibilities. It’s one thing for me to tell them about it. It’s another thing for them to actually get to go and see what you can make and do.”


    They will be competing against other students.

    To learn more about the World Leather Debut, click here.


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