Riverton Police Department joins ‘Ring Neighbors’

    (Riverton, WY) – The Riverton Police Department (RPD) announced yesterday that RPD has joined “Ring Neighbors.”

    The full post from RPD with all the details is below.

    “Ring doorbell and camera users. You may have received a message from Ring that the Riverton Police Department has joined Ring Neighbors.


    “As the network of Ring users in the city and the number of footage provided to us has increased, the Riverton Police Department has decided to participate in Ring Neighbors to streamline the submission of security footage from the citizens of Riverton. The system allows us to send out requests for footage to a specific area in which a crime had occurred. You, a customer of Ring, will be able to respond to the request and submit any footage you have for a specific timeframe. This is completely voluntary and our request for footage will be moderated by Ring. At no point will we have direct access to your cameras, Ring does not allow it.

    “Another aspect of Ring Neighbors that we hope to be involved in is, you can publicly post videos of suspicious people and vehicles in the program. As more users post their footage, it shows up on the Ring map and we are able to see a pattern regarding the area and time in which crimes occur. Crimes such as vehicle burglaries, which would greatly help in both solving and preventing these incidents. Other users will be able to see what crimes are occurring in their neighborhood and will know when they need to be more vigilant.

    “To reiterate, we will not have access to any footage unless you consent to a request for specific footage and provide it to us through the program. We will only know the general area which you live in, unless you provide us with a specific address. At no time will the Police Department have access to your cameras except for those videos which you share through the program.

    “With your help, we hope that we can utilize this program to assist us in fighting crime and working with the community in order to do so. For any questions contact officer Don Nethicumara at (307) 856-4891. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.”


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