Riverton Peace Mission’s new executive director to speak at Thursday webinar

    The Riverton Peace Mission’s new executive director Yufna Soldier Wolf will discuss her recent blog posts during an upcoming webinar scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9.

    Soldier Wolf’s blog posts have touched on topics related to Tribal advocacy, Tribal voices, justice, Indigenous perspectives, and Tribal erasure, according to a press release.

    She became the RPM’s new executive director this fall, introducing herself to the organization as a 2022 graduate of the Indigenous People’s Law Program at the University of Oklahoma, Norman.


    “My parents are Mark and Florita Soldier Wolf,” she said in her first blog post. “I grew up here on the Wind River Reservation, graduated from St. Stephens Indian School and then went on to graduate at various other universities (before moving) home to start a family while I worked for the Northern Arapaho Tribe.”

    Her staff profile on the Wyoming Outdoor Council website says she formerly served as the director of the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office, and she has degrees from the University of Wyoming and Montana State University.

    Soldier Wolf said she also has experience lobbying at the state and federal levels, and she has “partnerships, contacts, and collaborations that were built off trust and respect.”

    “I have been hired by the Riverton Peace Mission and want to meet the goals/priorities of our Indigenous people in our communities,” Soldier Wolf wrote. “There is much work ahead of us. I look forward to collaborating and working within our diverse Indigenous community … on relationship building and overall being proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I look forward to growing our Indigenous and non-Indigenous community in shared values and perspectives. This too will take time, but is very vital as we build a foundation we can all work from.”


    For more information or to register for Thursday’s event, click here.


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