Riverton City Council votes against resolution prohibiting fireworks

(Riverton, WY) – In light of the recent County fire restrictions put in place, the Riverton City Council held a discussion at a June 29th, special meeting on Resolution No. 1440, concerning the temporary prohibition of fireworks for 4th of July celebrations.

According to City Administrator Tony Tolstedt, as per Riverton municipal code, use of fireworks is automatically allowed on July 4th, from 6:00 PM to Midnight, “unless passed by resolution.”

Since there was no Council meeting taking place between the announcement of the County fire restrictions and the July 4th celebrations, the Council felt it necessary to hold a special meeting to consider the resolution, and it was decided to vote against.


Riverton Fire Chief Brian Hutchins spoke on behalf of the Riverton Fire Department, stating, “On behalf of the Fire Department, we don’t have an opinion on this matter. We’ll be there no matter what happens.”

Mayor Richard Gard then thanked Hutchins and the RFD, commenting, “You got to know we really appreciate the fire department, and the volunteerism that’s there, and we’d like to support you when you need our support, so let us know if you need it.”

Mayor Gard then went on to say, “We have lots of concerned citizens that don’t want  fireworks to be shot, so I would ask and hope that people be conscientious in the use of their fireworks. Pay attention where you shoot your fireworks, clean up after yourself, don’t leave a mess at the locations that you shoot from. You cannot use city or school property to shoot off of, and please, don’t shoot fireworks onto someone else’s property. Be respectful.”

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