Pig Tales: Devyn’s determination to sell ‘Little Chunkers’

    (Riverton, WY) – Fremont County Fair 2023 is in the review mirror but amidst the anticipation and preparations with the fair a certain young participant named Devyn found herself facing an unexpected turn of events. Devyn was not able to sell her pig “Little Chunkers” this year. This would have been the pinnacle of her dedicated efforts that she has put in with her pig. The situation has led her to seek a helping hand in a venture that embodies the culmination of her hard work and dedication. I actually met Devyn before fair and she was especially excited to show off her prize pig. Can we help this young lady out?

    In this interview I ask Devyn a bit more about herself, she is 12 years old going into 7th grade. We find out about her love of animals and find out about this delicious pig that needs a freezer home! This young lady needs our help. Devyn gives us the dirty on the pigs, they are actually really sweet animals, that she works hard with and enjoys spending time with.

    Another part of showing and selling your animal at the fair is the “add-ons” which are just small donations people give to help out the kids. If you would like to make a donation or potentially buy Lil’ Chunkers then call or text 307-851-1485 which is Cathy Fillin, Devyn’s mother. Generous donations have become the cornerstone of uplifting 4-H kids like Devyn, enabling them to transform setbacks into success stories. Through community support, these donations pave the way for brighter futures, empowering young hearts and ambitions to flourish. Again that number to talk to Cathy or inquire about buying the pig to help Devyn is 307-851-1485.



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