New Fremont County art and pop culture podcast will put a smile on your face

    “This is a show for responsible adults,” admitted host Teri Wiblemo.

    Teri teams up with Amara Fehring for the sixth show on 10Cast: Wyoming’s Podcast Network called… FreCo Week-O. And if you’re not into slang… feel free to call it Fremont County This Week.

    The duo are connected to the art and entertainment side of Fremont County. Each week, they’ll discuss the latest art and music happenings around Wyoming, chat about some pop culture, and indulge in some general silliness.


    Currently, the 10Cast Network shows include:

    • The County 10 Podcast
    • Dead & Gone in Wyoming
    • Riverton Local Ladies
    • Fremont Local Food Hub
    • Rediscover The Winds
    • FreCo Week-O

    And, on Thursday we’ll introduce show number 7!

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    Before you hit play, a quick note. FreCo Week-O contains some PG-13 language and topics. 


    FreCo Week-O is undergoing the application process to join apps like Apple and Google Play. You can find it there very soon and all of our other podcasts are also available through all major podcast apps, including Stitcher.

    Teri and Amara were also recently guests on a bonus episode of the County 10 Podcast. Check out their guest spot here!


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