Make memories, not regrets – Encouraging teens to have a safe prom night

Underage drinking and substance abuse can be dangerous activities that put young people’s health and safety at risk. Unfortunately, it is a problem that persists among high school students, particularly during prom season. With proms approaching in Fremont County, it is crucial to understand the risks and the importance of making safe choices and talking to your teens about drinking and substance abuse.

The consequences can be severe, including accidents, injuries, and even death. Schools and the prevention community are currently concerned about vapes containing substances in addition to/besides nicotine – THC, fentanyl, etc. Fentanyl is a particularly deadly drug that has taken the lives of many unsuspecting teens.

Young people who partake are more likely to engage in risky behavior, such as driving under the influence or engaging in unprotected sex. Alcohol and other substances can also impair judgment and lead to poor decision-making, increasing the risk of violence and aggression.

Fremont County Prevention is taking an active role in promoting safe choices for teens during prom season. They are encouraging students to attend school after parties instead of partying with friends and alcohol. This is an excellent way for students to have fun and celebrate while still remaining safe and sober.

By attending school-sponsored after-parties, teens can enjoy fun activities in a safe and supervised environment. They can socialize with their peers without the pressure to drink alcohol or do other drugs. Some schools even have cool giveaways. Your teen can walk away with a clear head and a dynamite prize! These events really are a great way to celebrate and make memories with friends while avoiding the dangers of underage drinking or substance abuse.

Another great source for parents is Sources of Strength. It’s a fantastic program that helps teens succeed by building up their sources of strength. This includes things like family support, positive friends, mentors, and healthy activities.

When talking to your teen, Sources of Strength can help you highlight the positives in your teen’s life instead of focusing on the negative. By focusing on the sources of strength, they can develop a strong foundation that will help them make smart choices and avoid risky behaviors like underage drinking.

Parents and community members play a crucial role in promoting safe choices during prom season. Talk to young people about the risks and the importance of making safe choices. By having open and honest conversations about substance abuse and its consequences, we can help young people make informed decisions and avoid dangerous situations.

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