#Lookback: Hermitage/T Cross Ranch

A County 10 series in partnership with the Fremont County Museum System
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The former Hermitage, now the T Cross Ranch, is located north of Dubois, on Horse Creek. The property was first homesteaded by Earnest O. Hadden around 1900 and although he built a small cabin on the property, he was ultimately unsuccessful in proving up his claim. Henry Seipt, a naturalized German immigrant, was the next homesteader on the property.

In 1918, Henry, who went by Dutch, his wife Ora, and their two children, Max and Bob, moved to the property. At that time there was no road from the Ranger Station to the homestead, they followed the creek bed instead and the family set up camp – literally moving into a large tent. One of Ora’s favorite stories about their early days on the ranch was that she would place Bob (then only 6 months old) under the table in their tent when it rained because the table was covered with oilcloth and it was the only dry place in the entire tent!

Improvements were slowly made to the ranch. Permanent living quarters for the family were built in 1919. Dining cabins and guest cabins were all built next. Seipt designed the buildings to face east to protect the doors and porches from the harsh winter weather, and he extended the gable roofs to further protect doorways and windows from blowing and drifting snow. Once they were completed, Seipt named his ranch “The Hermitage” and vacationers, fishermen, and hunters began to arrive at the ranch to avail themselves of the scenery and abundant wildlife. According to many, Mrs. Seipt’s excellent cooking skills also helped draw in quite a few visitors! Eventually, a road, built with a walking plow and a four-horse team grader, was built and it included two log bridges which allowed greater access even during high water.

Robert S. Cox purchased the property from Seipt in 1929 and renamed it the T Cross Ranch. In addition to renaming it, Cox expanded dude ranching activities. It continues to be run as a dude ranch by its current owners.

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