Lander organizations launch local business, resource website

The Lander Chamber of Commerce, Lander Community Foundation, and Lander Economic Development Association are pleased to announce the launch of a community business and resource website:

When COVID-19 came to Lander, citizens worked tirelessly to help those directly affected by this pandemic. However, questions remained: “My business is in serious stress, how do I get needed information and advice?” “What will I do if I am laid off from my job?” “As a healthcare worker, I am highly focused on caring for the very ill. As a family person, I need to protect and care for my family. How can I do both safely and effectively?”

The Lander Community Foundation, the Lander Chamber of Commerce, and the Lander Economic Development Association (LEDA) heard these concerns and knew that leadership was needed to unify support for local small businesses and nonprofit organizations. By pulling together the nonprofit and business sectors, unity within the community became the guiding light. These three pillars of leadership in Lander share many values, including that their highest priority is the vitality and sustainable, successful future of Lander.


Together, with funding for a web developer provided by LOR Foundation, Lander United emerged. As LEDA board member Mike Lilygren attests, “Lander United is an awesome resource for our community that brings together the for-profit and nonprofit businesses and freelancers along with community resources. We believe that Lander United will be the hub from which our community recovers from the pandemic.”

The vision was clear: create a location for more effective relief and recovery—both during and after the pandemic—for donation options, volunteer opportunities, and assistance requests as well as to disseminate accurate and up-to-date information.

At Lander United, the Community Directory includes many Lander businesses, organizations, and services provided by contract workers and freelance creatives. Additionally, there are comprehensive resources for businesses, health and safety information, and information about how citizens can provide help and find help.

Nonprofits in need of help due to COVID-19 can apply for funding through the Lander Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund. The Small Business Relief & Recovery Fund, founded by the Chamber and LEDA, grants funding to bridge gaps until government support and financial assistance become available. Both of these funds continue to accept donations from the public.

A silver lining throughout the pandemic? The positive relationship established has been deepened between these three organizations and their leadership. “Each organization brings a unique and essential perspective and is able to advocate for their constituents allowing us to build a more effective system for our entire community,” reflects Chamber Director Owen Sweeney. “It’s been great getting to know Mike and MJ through all of this, and the growing relationship among our three organizations won’t be good just for us, but for all of Lander.”


“These three entities represent a real Lander asset: a community of hard-working people who own and work for small businesses, nonprofits offering community support and enrichment, and a mindset focused on charting the path for Lander’s future. We are so appreciative of the work each organization is doing to provide a healthy business economy and a vibrant nonprofit community. When we are united, we are stronger,” Mary Greene, Executive Director of Lander Community Foundation shares.

Please visit and share what you like and what other information or resources could be added. To all the nonprofits and businesses, please submit a contact form to be added to the directory.

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