Julie Buller and Kevin Kershisnik Navigate Fremont County’s 1/2 Percent Economic Development Sales Tax

    (Riverton, WY)– I’m thrilled to bring you a special episode featuring two remarkable individuals who have been instrumental in the progress of Fremont County. Julie Buller and Kevin Kershisnik are not just names; they are the driving forces behind the one-half percent (½%) economic development sales tax.

    The Forward Fremont County initiative has been making waves since it passed in August 2020, and it’s set to return to the ballot in November 2024. The significance of this tax cannot be overstated. It has been the financial backbone for county-wide transportation services and has provided essential grants for economic development projects since April 1, 2021. To understand the impact and importance of this initiative, visit Forward Fremont County’s Official Website for detailed information. This tax isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the air service that connects our community to the world, the ground transportation that keeps our county moving, and the economic development funds that empower each community within Fremont County.

    It was a pleasure to sit down with Julie Buller and Kevin Kershisnik themselves. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them at countless events and informational meetings, working tirelessly to make Fremont County a better place for everyone. Julie Buller, with her unwavering dedication and vision, has commitment to economic development and community welfare is truly inspiring. Kevin Kershisnik, too, has been a stalwart advocate for our county’s growth. Together, they form a dynamic duo that has contributed significantly to the success of this initiative.


    In this podcast episode, we’ll dive deep into the information and the journey of Forward Fremont County. We’ll explore how this tax has impacted our daily lives and what we can expect in the upcoming ballot in November 2024. Julie and Kevin’s insights, as individuals deeply intertwined with our community, will shed light on the path forward.

    Remember, our community thrives when we all come together and contribute to its growth. Julie Buller and Kevin Kershisnik exemplify this spirit. For more information visit


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