Journey to a more confident smile – Taelor’s Smile Story

    Olsen Orthodontics wants you to see how amazing an orthodontic experience can be.

    I believe that a smile can change a life and has the power to transform someone’s confidence, and being able to provide that to my patients is a wonderful privilege. Dr. Marc Olsen

    There’s no better way to show you than through the eyes of someone who’s been there. This is Taelor’s smile story.

    Taelor was very young when she got her first set of braces in 2017. She was only in the fourth grade. She got them off in the middle of her fifth-grade year to prepare for the next set. She got her second set of braces in December 2020 and finally got them off in November 2022. Her smile story was definitely longer than some but she would still recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their smile.

    When asked about why she wanted orthodontic treatment, Taelor shared that having straight teeth was important to her. Looking back through photos of herself, she noticed that she looks happier now that she has a straighter smile.

    Taelor’s story is a common one. She wanted straighter teeth because she knew it would make her feel better about herself at a crucial stage in her life. However, getting orthodontic treatment can be daunting, especially if you don’t know who to go to. Taelor’s mother, Ashli had the same concern, and that’s why they chose Dr. Marc Olsen and his team at Olsen Orthodontics. For Ashli, it was essential to have someone local, knowledgeable, welcoming, and informative staff that always greeted them when they came in for Taelor’s appointments.

    Taelor before braces.

    Like many of us, Taelor had reservations and fears about her treatment. However, she overcame them by thinking about how happy she would be to have her new smile in the future. One of the most surprising things she learned while going through treatment was how quickly her teeth showed changes after getting them adjusted. There were many milestones but for Taelor, one stood out.

    “The most exciting milestone was getting rubber bands because it was like putting the final touches on my teeth before I got the permanent retainers, and that led to getting them off!”

    The most impactful moment of her care was seeing how much growth she had from when she started in fourth grade to when she finished in ninth. It was amazing seeing how much her teeth moved.

    Taelor’s advice to others who are unhappy with their smile is to embrace it.

    “All smiles are beautiful!” exclaimed Taelor. “If you just got braces or Invisalign and you don’t like your smile at first, that’s totally alright, just trust the process! It turns out okay in the end.”

    For Taelor, orthodontic treatment transformed her life by making her more confident. It boosted her self-esteem and made her feel great about choosing Dr. Olsen for her smile.

    At Olsen Orthodontics, they strive to provide their patients with an amazing orthodontic experience. Dr. Olsen and his team are upfront with treatment options, a timeline, and the cost involved. They want their patients to feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. For Olsen Orthodontics, there’s nothing more amazing than seeing that smile at the end.

    Ready to start your own smile journey? Visit the website or call (307) 332-9136 for a free consultation today! Your journey to a healthy, more beautiful smile begins now.

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