House Bill regarding Voter ID requirements passes, along with 33 other Bills

    (Cheyenne, WY) Governor Mark Gordon took action on 34 bills on Tuesday, April 6.

    One of the chief concerns was House Bill 0075, concerning voter identification during elections. According to the Bill, modifications were made, which now “require that acceptable identification be presented before voting in person, providing that provisional ballots may be cast as specified, and that in person voters may be challenged for failure to present acceptable identification.”

    ‘Acceptable identification’ under this Bill includes:

    • A state issued Wyoming driver’s license or Wyoming identification card.
    • A tribal identification card issued by the governing body of the Eastern Shoshone tribe of Wyoming, the Northern Arapaho tribe of Wyoming or other federally recognized Indian tribe.
    • A valid US passport.
    • US military ID.
    • A driver’s license or ID card issued by any state or outlying possession of the United States.
    • Photo identification issued by the University of Wyoming, a Wyoming community college or a Wyoming public school.
    • Any valid Medicaid or Medicare Insurance card.

    The Governor also signed the following bills into law today:

    Bill No.Enrolled Act #Bill Title
    HB0229HEA0066Livestock identification choice act.
    HB0207HEA0067Coal fired generation facility closures-litigation funding.
    HB0017HEA0068Range management at military training areas.
    HB0049HEA0069Agency fee revisions.
    HB0116HEA0070Concealed carry-residency requirement-2.
    HB0188HEA0071Irrigation and water conservancy district loans.
    HB0075HEA0072Voter identification.
    HJ0009HEJR2Local government investment in equities.
    HJ0011HEJR3State sovereignty impacted by federal actions.
    HB0150HEA0074State budgeting and expenditure authority.
    HB0007HEA0075Air ambulance membership organizations-regulation.
    HB0156HEA0076Alcoholic beverage permits.
    HB0190HEA0077Vehicle titles for nonresident owners.
    SF0083SEA0047Gillette community college district.
    SF0102SEA0048Unclaimed cooperative utility deposits and payments.
    SF0136SEA0049Public service commission considerations.
    SF0096SEA0050Homicide amendments.
    SF0078SEA0051Real estate appraisers-continuing education.
    SF0126SEA0052Real estate subdivisions-easement requirements.
    SF0139SEA0053Community based in-home services program.
    SF0111SEA0055School of energy resources budget submittal.
    SF0066SEA0056Slayer rule-amendments.
    SF0019SEA0057Public health emergencies-immunity amendments.
    SF0002SEA0058School facilities-project prioritization.
    SJ0003SEJR1Federal suspension and orders on oil and gas production.
    SF0025SEA0059Animal impound proceedings – bond and disposition.
    SF0058SEA0060Wyoming investment in nursing funding.
    SF0034SEA0061Born alive infant-means of care.
    SF0028SEA0062Motor vehicles-security interest perfection.
    SF0015SEA0063Temporary licensing and permitting authority-2.
    SF0112SEA0064Insurance discount for accident prevention training.
    SF0076SEA0065Broadband development program-amendments.

    The Governor vetoed the following bill:

    SF0114SEA0054State land leases.

    A letter explaining the Governor’s veto of SF 114 can be found here.

    The Governor exercised his line-item veto authority on the following bill:

    HB0121HEA0073State funded capital construction.

    The full list of bills the Governor has taken action on during the 2021 Legislative Session as well as the Governor’s letters can be found on the Governor’s website. 


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