From restaurant to real estate: Jenna Ackerman’s Entrepreneurial Journey with The Lander Biz Show

    (Lander, WY)- In Lander the local community and its visitors have been blessed with a remarkable transformation over the years. In this episode of “The Lander Biz Show,” we delve into the incredible journey of Jenna Ackerman, a long-time entrepreneur who started as a local restaurant owner and transitioned into the dynamic world of real estate.

    Jenna Ackerman is a household name in Lander, known for establishing and successfully running “The Middle Fork” – a culinary treasure trove that became an absolute must-visit for tourists, guests, and locals alike. With dedication, passion, and a keen sense of community, Jenna turned The Middle Fork into a hub of delicious experiences, bringing people together over exceptional food.

    After a decade of owning and operating The Middle Fork, Jenna Ackerman embarked on a new journey. Her transition into full time real estate industry was seamless, given her deep understanding of the Lander business landscape. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Jenna brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate, especially for commercial buyers.


    Jenna Ackerman’s commitment to her community goes beyond her work. She has consistently demonstrated her dedication to making Lander a better place for everyone. Her work, both at The Middle Fork and now with, reflects her deep connection to the town and its residents.

    The Lander Biz Show, typically hosted by myself (Charene) and Owen Sweeney of the Lander Chamber of Commerce, was created to shine a spotlight on the backbone of our communities: small local businesses. While Owen couldn’t join us for this episode due to being under the weather, the spirit of the show remains unchanged – to celebrate the stories and successes of local entrepreneurs like Jenna Ackerman.

    Join us in this inspiring episode as we dive into Jenna Ackerman’s journey. Her dedication to both her work and her community serves as a shining example of the positive impact local businesses can have.


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