Fremont County High School football playoff scenarios heading into the final week

    (Fremont County, WY) – With the conclusion of week seven in Wyoming high school football, some teams around Fremont County have secured a spot in the post season, while one is looking to punch their ticket. put together potential seeding scenarios for the entire state of Wyoming but we will focus on just Fremont County.

    Dubois, Shoshoni, Lander, and Wind River are for sure going into the post season while Riverton still has a shot in Worland next week. Here is a look at what is possible for county heading into the final week.

    Here is the Fremont County playoff scenarios. If you want to read the full article. Go to


    3A East:

    Lander is in the post season, however the Tigers do not know their seeding yet. With the win against Worland on Friday 31-13, Lander has an opportunity to earn the number seed heading into the post season.

    A win for the Tigers creates a three tie for the one seed. With the new tiebreaker rule however, Lander must defeat Douglas by nine or more to win the 3A East Conference and have a number one seed. If the Tigers pulled it off, Douglas will be the two seed based on the head to head match up against Buffalo. The Bison would be the third seed. If Lander wins by seven or eight, Buffalo wins the 3A East, Tigers are the two seed based on a head to head win. Lander winning by six or less, even with a loss Douglas would win the tie breaker, Buffalo is second, Tigers are third. A loss for Lander makes the Tigers the three seed.

    For the Riverton Wolverines, with Worland losing to Lander. Riverton is now in a win or go home situation. The Wolverines would only need to defeat Worland to be the four seed. A loss for Riverton concludes their season.


    Here are the potential first round Matchups for 3A. Cody is the only team to have secured their spot and can not move down in the playoffs they are the number one seed in the West.

    • (4E) Riverton/Worland at (1W) Cody
    • (3S) Lander/Douglas/Buffalo at (2W) Star Valley/Powell/Jackson
    • (4W) Green River/Jackson/Powell/Star Valley at (1E) Douglas/Buffalo/Lander
    • (3W) Jackson/Powell/Star Valley at (2E) Douglas/Buffalo/Lander

    1A 9-Man West

    Shoshoni locked up number one seed out of the west last Thursday due to the win over Wind River. The Cougars will now need to win next week to be the number two seed out of the west and host a first round game. Wind River could be a three seed with a loss and Riverside victory, or they possibly see themselves in a tiebreaker with a loss and Big Piney victory.


    If a tiebreaker comes into play Big Piney will be the four seed in two scenarios. Wind River could be the two seed if Rocky Mountain defeats the Cougars by five or less points, Big Piney would be the three due to the head to head victory over Rocky Mountain. A victory for the Grizzlies by six points would push the Wind River down to a three seed because of Rocky Mountain would have the head to head win (if Rocky defeats Wind River), Big Piney sits at the four spot.

    Possibly matchups for the 1A 9-Man playoffs. Shoshoni is the only team that know what seed they are in the post-season.

    • (4W) Big Piney/Rocky Mountain at (1E) Pine Bluffs/Southeasts
    • (3E) Lingle Ft-Laramie/Lusk/Saratoga at (2W) Wind River/Big Piney/Rocky Mountain
    • (4E) Lingle Ft-Laramie/Lusk/Saratoga at Shoshoni
    • (3W) Wind River/Big Piney/Rocky Mountain at (2E) Pine Bluffs/Southeast

    1A 6-Man South


    This conference knows their seeding. The Dubois Rams are the number two seed in the south and will host a first round playoff game next week. They await Hulette vs Kaycee. With a Kaycee win, Dubois will see Meeteetse. With a Kaycee loss, a tiebreakers occurres in the North conference. This tie breaker would see the Rams host Hulett or Meeteetse.

    Here is the potential first round games for 1A 6-Man

    • (4S) Farson-Eden at (1N) Burlington
    • (3N) Hulett/Meeteetse at (2S) Dubois
    • (4N) Hulett/Kaycee at (1S) Little Snake River
    • (3S) Encampment at (2N) Kaycee/Meeteetse

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