Figure 8 Races: Fremont County Fair’s Grand Arena finale event

    (Riverton, WY)  – The Grand Arena was packed with lively crowds cheering on their favorite cars and drivers in the 2023 Crazy Figure 8 Races on Saturday, the final Grand Stand event of the Fremont County Fair.

    Forty-eight cars competed in this year’s races, and after 4 consolation, 4 quarter, and 3 semi-final heats, the final winners were: 1st Place: Michael Mellado, #57; 2nd Place: Devin Miller, #007; 3rd Place: Ernie Fischer, #3X and 4th Place: Bret Mosbrucker, #21.

    The winner of the Powder Puff was Kami Cunningham. The winner of the Pit Man’s race was Drew Glanz, and the winner of the Best Painted Car went to the “Toy Story” car, #40 Colter Collver.

    2023 Fremont County Fair Figure 8 Racers:

    Car # / Driver

    307  Levi Coyle

    7up  Alan Woodward

    007  Devin Miller

    47  Gregoree Tenlen

    83  Ryan Mosbrucker

    23  Brigett Bunker

    24  James Bunker

    11  Mickey Miller

    775  Michael Mellado

    57  Michael Mellado

    Y-4C  Keanu Campbell

    913  Tyler Jamerman

    3  Brad Lehman

    13  Matt Gordon

    40  Colter Collver

    M22  Tony Romero

    4  Trevor Wiese

    55  Joseph Spoonhunter

    396  Jeff Schieffer

    00  Matt Harrington

    16  Ricci Pacheco

    23X  Zaryc Prosser

    3212  Dane Weber

    2210  Kaden Murphy

    3-43  Jared Nettles

    BBB  Reed Nettles

    15  Scott Cunningham

    5  Ty Taylor

    89  Jon Hernandez

    55X  James Steinhoff

    28  Dom Jarvis

    714  Bret Sowards

    343  Michael Smith

    819 Will McSwain

    914  Brook Bekken

    111  Scotty Gordon

    3X  Ernie Fisher

    17  Ernie Fisher

    96X  Dax Fisher

    11x  Tyler Crippen

    109  Alex Creek

    57X  Esai Littleshield

    22  Brett Ortiz

    61  Jesse Olson

    21  Bret Mosbrucker

    515  Royce Hanger

    742  Jordan Weber

    63  Braxton Fehring

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