50 Years of Dedication: Celebrating Warren Thompson’s Legacy as Auctioneer

    In the world of agriculture and livestock, there are individuals whose contributions go beyond the ordinary, leaving a mark on their community and industry. Warren Thompson, the longtime auctioneer behind the microphone at the Fremont County Jr. Livestock Sale, is undoubtedly one such figure. Warren was at the microphone for his 50th sale for the county this past Saturday.    

    For half a century, Warren Thompson has been a driving force behind the success of the Fremont County Jr. Livestock Sale. With a passion for both agriculture and the art of auctioneering,  he and his wife Sherry have seamlessly blended these two worlds into a successful business, WS Livestock Inc.  He lends his talents and time annually to an event that not only benefits local young ag producers but also brings the community together. Over the years, he has tirelessly worked to help ensure that each sale is a resounding success, resulting in a cumulative contribution of approximately $22 million dollars directly into the pockets of young agricultural producers. This remarkable feat speaks volumes about Thompson’s dedication and the trust he has garnered from both buyers and sellers.  Warren and Mel Fausset (another auctioneering legend) worked hard in Fremont County’s lean years to help build the sale and other livestock programs for youth.  Thompson’s history and knowledge of families and businesses in the county add color to his interactions with the crowd and the kids in the ring.  In his voice, you can hear the heart he has for kids and Fremont County.   

    Jr. Livestock consignors lined the sale ring at the 2023 Jr. Livestock Sale in honor of Warren Thompson’s 50th year as volunteer auctioneer of the sale. h/t County 10

    However, Thompson’s legacy extends far beyond the financial impact. He is the pioneer of a proud family tradition of auctioneering, with his son Ty following in his footsteps. With 32 years of auctioneering experience under his belt, Ty has continued the family legacy with the same fervor and commitment that his father exemplified. In 2009, Ty achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the World Livestock Sector Champion, further cementing the Thompson family’s reputation as auctioneering royalty.


    The Thompson tradition doesn’t end there. Jace, the youngest member of the family, has quickly risen through the ranks to establish his own mark in the industry. At just 20 years old, Jace not only earned the title of “Rookie of the Year” but also secured an impressive third-place finish at the prestigious Calgary Stampede Auctioneers Championship. His achievements at such a young age hint at a promising future and showcase the continuation of the Thompson dynasty.

    Scott Walters (Fair Board Chair), Lynette Jeffres (Jr. Livestock Sale Board Secretary) and Carmen Vasco (Jr. Livestock Sale Board Chair) share in the celebration as Ty Thompson says a few kind words about his father and longtime Fremont County Jr. Livestock Sale auctioneer, Warren Thompson. h/t County 10

    Warren Thompson’s 50 years of dedicated service volunteering as the auctioneer for the Fremont County Jr. Livestock Sale is a testament to his unwavering commitment, passion, and love for both agriculture and auctioneering. His impact on the local community, as well as his role in inspiring the next generation of auctioneers within his own family, cannot be overstated.

    As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we extend congratulations and thanks to Warren Thompson and look forward to Warren’s future sales and support our Fremont County youth.


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