Fans fill the Fremont County Fairgrounds arena for Hog ‘N Mud Wrestling

    (Riverton, WY) The arena stadium was packed at the Fremont County Fairgrounds as a total of thirty-seven teams competed in last Saturday night’s Hog ‘N Mud Wrestling contest, with a new team winning in the Adult Male category.

    The “Riverton Packers” team comprised of Miles Kearl, Charles Baldes, Brandon Williamson, and Dino Baldes packed the hog into the barrel with a time of 10.12 seconds, followed by “The WyoToday Wranglers” coming in second place with a time of 14.67 seconds.

    The Riverton Fire Department had been the reigning champion in the Adult Male category for the past two years. This year, the team came in third with a time of 18.63 seconds.


    Hog wrestling is a timed competition where sponsored teams try to capture a pig and place it in a barrel in the middle of a mud pit in record time. The 2023 teams are listed below.

    For more information about the Fremont County Fair events and activities, or to buy tickets, visit their website. For updates, check out their Facebook page

    2023 Hog ‘N Mud Wrestling Teams

    Youth 8 & Under:


    1st Place: The Pig Squad – First Interstate Bank

    Easton Slack, Ramaden Vukich, Hudson Anderson, Taven McConnoughey

    2nd Place: Bacon Bits – Hayden Outdoors


    Cy Nicholas, Tage Jacks, Mason Watts, Reece Logue

    Other Teams:

    Pork Patrol – Rocky Mountain Logistics


    Ava Bailey, Braxton Holdren, Daya Haynes, Karter Kummer

    Pig Pinners – Home Source Realty

    Salvador Piplica, Dawson Liedy, Kam Larsen, Case Miller

    The 4 Little Pig Wrestlers – First Interstate Bank

    Madison Slack, Kobi Lehman, Cambree Anderson, Avery Parker

    The Wild Ones – Henderson Sales & Rentals

    Maria Henderson, Issac Hanson, Bently Jessop, Brodie Hill

    The Hog Kings – Laura Martin

    Cannon Martin, Creed Anderson, Dawson Nicholls, Hazin Nicholls

    Junior Female – Age 9-13

    1st Place: Piggy Smalls – Duke and Kylie Emerson

    Brooklynn Emerson, Hattie, Dolcater, Cade Miller, Caeli Martin

    2nd Place: Bacon Patrol – Ruby Roustabout Services, LLC

    Roxanna Ramos, Rocio Ramos, Zoey Griffin, Cambree Metzler

    3rd Place: Hogs and Kisses – Barry Cinemas, Inc. & Big Country Chiropractic

    Hailee Cooper, Emerie Coughancur, Sawyer Arnhold, Peyton Arnhold

    Other teams:

    Swine Time – Jenn Severude

    Rhyann LaRose, Elizabeth Severude, Jayla Dickensen, Averie Jarvis

    Swamp Hogs – Julie Freese

    Karlee Freese, Jenna Freese, Karoline Gallinger, Kylie Gallinger

    Wilbur Wranglers – Horgan Legal

    Camden Martin, Brielle Schnrinar, Oakley Bekken, Delayne Anderson

    Junior Male – Ages 9-13

    1st Place: Pinky Piglets – Nicholas Livestock

    Ry Nicholas, Wyatt Day, Afton Cox, Louis Nicholas

    2nd Place: Mud Throwers – Shaved Ice Barn

    Dax Edgeington, Bronson Haun, Ryatt Trehearne, Will Frank

    Other teams:

    Bacon Bros – Rocky Mountain Logistics, Inc.

    Remington Bailey, Ryan Bailey, Kadin, Holdren, Tacio Mejorado

    Bucking HAMS – Shaved Ice Barn

    Ryker Edgeington, Weston Haun, Hansen Foxworthy, Jace Dickenson

    Breakin’ Bacon – Ruby Roustabout Services, LLC

    Manuel Ramos, Santiago Piplica, Declyn Griffin, Daniel, Deloera

    High School Female – Ages 14-18

    1st Place: Brisket Babes – Weber Farms

    Madi Fossey, Emmi Weber, Paizley Jackson, Savannah Morton

    2nd Place: Ambassador Babes – Fremont County Fair

    Hallie Wilson, Kadance Kummer, Sadie Putnam, Mackenzie Weber

    3rd Place: Gold Piggers – Weber Consulting

    Lilly Weber, Aspen Gordon, Taylor Murray, Taryn Weber

    Other teams:

    Piggalicous – Horton Legal

    Dani Santee, Rosalinda Ramos, Taytum Tyra, Maddie Wildcat

    The Shiesty Piggers – Wind River Consulting, LLC

    Emma Miller, Tristyn Casper, Korina Ingwerson, Kylarae Davis

    Missfits – Peterbilt of Wyoming

    Morgin Adams, Stelby Herford, Halie Adams, Tinley Edgeington

    High School Male – Ages 14-18

    1st Place: Swine Slayers – Starks Welding, Inc.

    Peytonn Klaproth, Caden Kisling, Cameron Eder, Jaxson Medow

    Ambassador Bros – Fremont County Fair

    Kaleb Hamilton, Clark Francisco, Michael Putnam, Andrew Calvert

    Adult Female – Ages 18 and older

    No Times

    Smokie Smackdown – Rocky Mountain Logistics, Inc.

    KaCee Bailey, Rusty Harris, Kris Edgeington, Lindsey Haun

    Muddy Buddies – Double Dutch Designs

    Megan Gardner, Renea LaJeunesse, Farrah Huff, Alli Forster

    Honey Hams – Keyona Lopez

    Rebecca Dwyer, Keyona Lopez, Arianne Robledo, Naoma Biglake

    The Misfits & Wannabes – 3G Hog Farms

    Charmayne Dewey, Kirsten Becker, Jade Barrett, Josie Cash

    Danny’s Swine Slammers – Horton Legal

    Julianne Spencer, Megan Longtine, Ashlyn Bookless, Hannah Roskowske

    Adult Male – Ages 18 and older

    1st Place: Riverton Packers – Riverton Packing, LLC

    Miles Kearl, Charles Baldes, Brandon Williamson, Dino Baldes

    2nd Place: The WyoToday Wranglers – WyoToday Media

    Shawn O’Brate, Carl Cote, Trent Wheeler, Levi Coyle

    3rd Place: RFD – RFD (Riverton Fire Department)

    Devon Scherf, Will Scherf, Gary Boyle, Tyler Goff

    4th Place: Ham Slam – Fremont Chevy/Buick/GMC

    Matt Goron, Ricci Pacheco, Cameron Malan, Randy Rogers

    Other teams:

    Hunky Hams

    Zane Holford, Kris Topaum, Hunter Amos, Emilio Garcia

    Pigallos – Wind River Hotel & Casino

    Austin Page, Richard Friday, Jamal Judge, Mike O’Brien


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