Dubois School Board moving forward with nominations for new Business Roundtable

    Fremont County School District 2 has begun the process of forming a new Business Roundtable group in Dubois.

    FCSD 2 Superintendent Steve Splichal asked school board members to start thinking about “individuals who would make good candidates” for the Roundtable during a meeting this month.

    “(This is) an opportunity … for a diverse group of individuals to engage in some really meaningful work at a community level,” Splichal said, encouraging the board to consider nominees with “the vision and the wherewithal to brainstorm to come up with some possible solutions” to community issues.


    “The goal is to (nominate) individuals that you think would be really instrumental or could help us move the needle in some areas,” he said.

    Once the group is formed, Splichal said they will likely focus their energies on “data collection,” surveying the community to identify “the most significant needs that we have.”

    “We want (our) work to be meaningful,” Splichal explained. “One of the best ways to do that is to (gather) a broad base of input from individuals who can tell us … what those targets need to be.”

    After collecting the information from the community, Splichal said the Business Roundtable will work to “formulate some ideas and … some possible solutions around how we could address (each) particular issue.”

    “(We’re) kind of excited about that,” he said. “(I’d) like to see where that goes, and the prospects of us being able to address some of the things that we’ve got going on that have an impact across our community.”


    For more information, call FCSD 2 at (307) 455-5545.


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