Dubois School Board plans to put together a Business Roundtable to help with town challenges

    (Dubois, WY) – The Dubois School Board convened on Dec. 18 for their monthly meeting. During this meeting, Superintendent Steve Splichal pitched the idea of a Business Roundtable to the Trustees.

    He shared it was something he had been mulling over for six to eight months. His thought is the Business Roundtable would look at Dubois in a “larger community sense.”

    Superintendent Splichal listed a few challenges he sees Dubois currently facing, such as the loss of physical therapy services, housing and overall healthcare.


    The Business Roundtable vision includes key community leaders with a common purpose of addressing those challenges for the betterment of the Dubois community.

    “It’s not just a school issue, it’s a community issue,” he said. “With the right opportunity, with the right players at the table, I think it could be a very positive thing, I think, for our community to start to really begin to address some of those key pieces that need to be addressed.”

    Turning to the Board of Trustees for their thoughts, Chair Jerry Falco mentioned it has to be data-driven.

    “The question is, what are our biggest needs,” Falco said.


    In agreement, the Trustees and Superintendent Splichal commented that the Business Roundtable Committee would determine those needs/concerns.

    Others chimed in saying finding the right players with the right experience is going to be key.

    Superintendent Splichal mentioned that the group’s first task could be to create a survey to solicit community feedback.


    “We will try and dip our toe into that,” he said speaking of the Business Roundtable. “It’s not something that will be put together quickly.”

    County 10 will share updates as this initiative progresses.


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