County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Riverton Police Department – November 27, 2023

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Riverton Police Department. Click here for more details about the law enforcement logs.

    RPD Arrests:

    • Halam, Matthew, 23, Riverton, County Warrant, Suspended License, Available Narrative: “An orange 2018 Jeep was stopped west bound for the light at East Sunset with it’s intersection with North Federal Blvd when a 2004 Dodge Ram, also west bound, slid on the ice and struck it from behind. There were no injuries and an accident report was taken. Routine check for wants were made on the drivers and it was determined that the driver of the Dodge, Matthew Halam, 23 yoa from Riverton had a Fremont County warrant for Failure to Appear and his Driver’s license was suspended. He was taken into custody on those charges”
    • Whiteplume, Allen, 38, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject leaning and falling down; “Allen Whiteplume, 38 yoa from Arapahoe was arrested for Public Intoxication”
    • Hatcher, Chad, 39, Riverton, Domestic Battery, Available Narrative: “Chad Hatcher, 39 yoa from Riverton was arrested for Domestic Battery after it was determined that he had pushed a 25 yoa household member onto a bed and punched her in the face several times creating a lump on the back of her head and causing her lip to swell and bleed”
    • Ridgely, Eugene, 62, No Address, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject with their pants pulled down possibly urinating on a building; “Eugene Ridgely, 62 yoa with no address was found as described above and arrested for Public Intoxication”
    • Thomas, Ivan, 28, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject trying to get in their trash can and vehicles; “Responding officers contacted Ivan Thomas, 28 yoa from Arapahoe in the area and subsequently arrested him for Public Intoxication. In a search of his person incident to that arrest he was found to be in possession of marijuana in the form of a THC vape pipe and he was also charged with that”

    RPD Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • Hit and Run: N 12th East Street, 7:48 AM, Available Narrative: “RP DRIVING A RED DODGE DURANGO WAS HIT BY A PONTIAC SUV BLUISH SILVER COLOR; T BONED HER, THEN REVERSED DOWN THE ROAD NO LICENSE PLATE; OCCURRED YESTERDAY; Significant damage to the passenger side of the Dodge. Other driver got out and looked things over and then left the scene. Report taken”
    • Fire Dept. Assist: Highway 26, 2:02 PM, Available Narrative: RP advised their vehicle was engulfed in flames; “Fire Department assist was provided”
    • Vicious Animal: E Main Street, 12:05 AM, Available Narrative: RP advised of another dog attacking his dog and he got attacked while trying to intervene; “The reporting party received several serious bites to his knees from the brindle Pit Bull which was still running at large in the area and continuing it’s aggressive behavior. The owner was contacted and was in Colorado and had left the dog running loose but did advise that it was not current on it’s rabies shots. Due to the circumstances the responding officer destroyed the dog and ACO took it to the vet for rabies testing. The 35 yoa male victim was given a courtesy ride to the Hospital for treatment of his bite injuries and a citation for Vicious Animal has been prepared to be served on the dog’s owner when he returns to the area”
    • Dead Body: E Madison Ave., 12:54 PM, Available Narrative: “54 yoa male was found deceased – Although there are no signs of foul play an investigation has been initiated”
    • Theft: N Federal Blvd., 2:46 PM, Available Narrative: “Desiree Duran, 34 yoa from Ethete was cited for Shoplifting a $7.32 bottle of vodka and issued a No Trespass notice for the involved business”

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