Coste wins 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Race

    (Jackson, WY) – Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Race rookie Remy Coste, of France, has won the 2024 race, knocking off five-time champ Anny Malo by a full 10-minute difference.

    Coste takes home a check for $25,792 as the first-place winner, and is only the third to win in the last decade. Prior to Malo was the Streeper kennel, who also won five years in a row.

    Coming in third place this year is Jackson’s own Jess Moore with a time of 14:45:07 for all seven stages.


    Final overall cumulative times are as follows:
    1.  Remy Coste  13:34:24
    2.  Anny Malo  13:44:37
    3.  Jess Moore  14:53:07
    4.  Cathy Rivest  14:55:53
    5.  Laura Bontrager  14:55:55
    6.  Rachel Courtney  15:06:59
    7.  Sarah Tarlton  15:27:04
    8.  Michael Tetzner  15:42:48
    9.  Mike Bestgen  15:45:07
    10.  Austin Forney  15:49:29
    11.  Charlie Conner  15:55:29
    12.  Donny Poulin  15:59:57
    13.  JR Anderson  16:00:37
    14.  Tim Thiessen  17:37:27
    15.  Chris Adkins — withdraw


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