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Recently we’ve been getting a number of emails from readers wondering if we’ve shut down. Clearly, we’re still here! So, what’s the deal?

Your internet browser “caches” websites so they load faster. Sometimes the website tells your browser to refresh the cache so you get the most recent content, sometimes your browser says, “no.” Sometimes an update on a website or your browser changes a setting and then things get weird…

Sometimes they get angry with each other and have a slap fight.


Most sites don’t have continuously refreshed new content, so you never notice problems like this. Other sites have so much content you don’t always notice when things aren’t refreshed. However, it is a fairly common issue – however annoying. Most of the time you just don’t know it’s happening, but County 10 readers notice! We have the emails to prove it!

We publish a lot every day and many of you come back to the site several times a day. So when there’s nothing new, it’s a bummer.

We love the love and we love to keep you connected, so we’ve been chasing the bug for days trying to figure out what was going on. If you were one of the unlucky ones, we’re sorry about that and hope it’s resolved now.

We’re not entirely sure why certain browsers have been displaying old content for the last couple of weeks. Something updated and yelled at something else, which made your browser cross its arms and hold its breath until it was red in the face.


We’ve made some changes that seem to have solved the problem, but you either have to wait for your browser to stop holding its breath or you have to just hit “refresh” on your browser. If that doesn’t do it you can hit “Ctrl+r” and most browsers will start showing new content. Eventually, it will clear itself out, and likely already has, but this will make it happen faster if you’re still having problems.

BUT THERE IS A VERY EASY WAY TO NEVER MISS A POST – whether the internet is acting like a rebellious teen or not….

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Thanks for reading and trusting us. You’re why we’re the most-read news source in Fremont County. We appreciate you!


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