Boaters advised of low water levels statewide

    The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is providing boaters with a few tips for late August recreation.

    August is a great time for boating and spending time on Wyoming waters. To take advantage of this opportunity, boaters should be aware that in the late-summer season water levels on many reservoirs quickly fluctuate, creating unexposed and exposed boating hazards. Be aware while boating to prevent damage to watercraft and to stay safe on the water.

    “Due to falling water levels, boaters may come across shallow rocks or sandbars in areas that could be safely navigated earlier in the boating season,” said Aaron Kerr, Wyoming Game and Fish Department law enforcement coordinator. “While some hazards may be marked with buoys, most will not. Boaters need to maintain a proper lookout and be vigilant for any hazards that arise as water levels drop.”


    To stay safe, Game and Fish recommends that boaters:

    • Always carry all the required safety equipment on your boat. See a listing.
    • Always use caution, especially on waters that are unfamiliar to you.
    • Operate at a safe speed that gives you control of your boat.
    • Avoid riding on the bow of the boat.
    • Never assume there are no hazards. Operators must always look for submerged obstacles at any time of the year, regardless of the water level.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol when operating a boat.

    “It has been many years since the water level has been drawn down this low at Pathfinder Reservoir, so people are encouraged to take extra care while boating,” said John Pokallus, Casper game warden.
    If a boating accident does occur on the water, boaters are required to report it to a game warden or other law enforcement officer immediately. A listing of local wardens is available on the Game and Fish website.


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