Arapaho Truths heads to Fargo film festival this week

    The award-winning film Arapaho Truths will be shown at the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival in North Dakota this week. This is the first in-person festival since the COVID pandemic temporarily closed theaters.

    This St. Stephens School and Boston-based Moonstar Productions film has won eight awards and has been shown across the U.S. as well as internationally.

    “The Fargo Fantastic Film Festival exists to showcase the ambitious and creative independent filmmaker,” according to their website. “To make a good ‘genre’ film takes real creativity, craftsmanship and – yes, artistic merit. We show professional and amateur productions as both can learn from the other. The fest kicks off at the Fargo Theatre (April 17 – 18) and then continues in conjunction with VALLEYCON, the premiere pop culture celebration in the region!”

    h/t St. Stephens School – The Creation Story, illustrated using shadow puppets.

    Arapaho Truths showcases four traditional Arapaho stories. Each story is told by an elder tribe member: William C’ Hair; Wayne C’ Hair and Eugene Ridgely, Jr. Each story is uniquely illustrated by the students of St. Stephens using clay animation, drawings, paintings, shadow puppets, and performance. Between the stories are short anecdotes and insights about native storytelling.

    These are told by various tribal elders, mentors, school officials, and students, including: Merle Haas, Frank No Runner, James Stewart, Mike Redman, Michael Eugene Ridge Bear, Ryan Tyler, Ruth Goggles, Janice Goggles, Rupert “Ducky” Goggles, Hista Soldier Wolf, and Darryl Dodge, among others. The film features the Students of St. Stephens Indian School, including performances by Danielle Bass, Timberly Blackburn, and Precious Gould.


    Arapaho Truths is narrated by Sergio Maldonado and contains traditional music by Michael Eugene Ridge Bear and Mike Redman, as well as a score by Tim Janus. The Executive Producer is Dara Weller, to whom the film is dedicated. It is directed by George Giglio. The Director of Photography is Joe Collins. And the Producer is Maureen Matson.

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    You can also find the latest updates on the film shared by County 10 by clicking here.


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