All About You with Teton Therapy – Meet Jay Reddon

    We often speak of the “Teton Therapy family,” but living life pain-free is truly a family affair at Teton Therapy.

    Jay Reddon is a Director at Reddon Koehn & Associates, which has provided a wide array of financial and accounting services to the Riverton community for more than 25 years.  He’s also a man with arm pain: “I started with a torn bicep muscle, and further investigation showed [more] damage in my shoulder,” Reddon says.  He ended up having surgery in April.  

    Post-operative physical therapy care was needed, but luckily, Jay knows someone in the business.  Jay’s son is John Reddon, PT, DPT, physical therapist and Clinic Director at Teton Therapy Riverton. 

    “We are proud of what Teton has done for him and hear constantly about what a great place it is,” Jay says.  He chose Teton Therapy because of its “excellent reputation, and [Teton Therapy owner] Jeff [McMenamy] is one of my best friends…. And my wife made me.”

    Now that he’s about two months post-surgery, Reddon says “it’s a long recovery…. I’m feeling good, but I’m still working to where I want to be.” 

    Continuing to work alongside him is his Physical Therapist son, who may have the last laugh in his dad’s care: “I’m very proud of him!” Jay says, “Except when he has to torture me [in physical therapy].”

    Throughout the month of June, Teton Therapy is celebrating the amazing, inspiring, fun, and funny patients who make our clinics the incredible places they are.  Watch this space for more posts about our patients’ success stories, and if you’d like to be one of these stories, schedule your free pain consultation today! 

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