A New Look at the Riverton Aquatic Center

    There is a new look to the seating at the Riverton Aquatic Center. The RAC was constructed in 1987 and the wear and tear of almost four decades of use had water dripping into the storage areas beneath the seating area.

    Cracks along the original pour seams were filled with epoxy to prevent leaks – h/t Randy Tucker

    “This was the original paint from 1987 and we couldn’t keep it clean,” RAC Director Kristi Spriggs said. “Pressure washing was the only way to get stains out with the gritty surface and the water made its way through the cracks.”

    Garland Samuelson prepped an area for painting – h/t Randy Tucker

    The moisture seeped through the cracks that formed where the original sections of the concrete grandstands were poured.


    Fremont County School District 25 contracted with Samuelson Painting of Riverton to clean, prep, seal, and paint the seats.

    Garland Samuelson and Adrian Vargas put a scrubbing pad on a buffer – h/t Randy Tucker

    In the process the leaks were eliminated and a bright new look greats patrons at the RAC.

    “I picked a little lighter color to brighten up the stands,” Spriggs said.

    The project took 10 days to complete. It began with pressure washing, and then scrubbing the existing paint.

    Adrian Vargas and Garland Samuelson power cleaned the stands before painting – h/t Randy Tucker

    Samuelson Painting then filled all the cracks both horizontal and vertical with epoxy. Once the epoxy hardened they buffed the sections again and painted the entire grandstand by hand with a brush and roller.

    The “before” of the Riverton Aquatic Center – h/t Randy Tucker
    The “After” a new look to the seating at the Riverton Aquatic Center – h/t Randy Tucker

    “The original coating was sound, it was just damaged by use,” Garland Samuelson said.

    Using a roller for the long flat sections and cutting in the yellow highlights with a brush the finished product creates a “like new” look for the aquatic center.

    A new look to the seating at the Riverton Aquatic Center – h/t Randy Tucker
    Samuelson Painting highlighted each step for additional safety – h/t Randy Tucker

    The project had a generational feel for Garland Samuelson, owner of Samuelson Painting. He painted the original project with his late father Dee in 1987 and this time with his son Brady, a Riverton Middle School teacher and head Wolverine boys’ soccer coach. Brady took a couple of personal days to work on the final step in painting the grandstands.


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