A feast for the senses: “Frosted” Art Exhibit Reception at Central Wyoming College

    Riverton, WY — The Robert A. Peck Arts Center at Central Wyoming College is gearing up to transform into a winter wonderland of creativity, playing host to a reception for the enchanting “Frosted” art exhibit. Under the guidance of Art Professor and Gallery Director Nita Kehoe, this exhibit is a celebration of artistic interpretation like no other.

    Running from Friday, Jan. 12, through Wednesday, Feb. 14, the ‘Frosted exhibit graces the gallery with a breathtaking array of pieces that capture the essence of frost across various mediums. 

    From delicate paintings to intricate sculptures, each artist brings a unique perspective to their interpretation of the word “Frosted.”

    In selecting the theme, Kehoe explained that she bounced around various ideas for the exhibit but ultimately settled on ‘Frosted’ because it perfectly aligns with Wyoming’s winter aesthetic, offering artists a unique and compelling theme to explore. 

    “I thought it was a good theme for a Wyoming winter art exhibit and it worked out because we received some really amazing pieces,” Kehoe said. 

    As the gallery prepares to showcase the culmination of these creative endeavors, the reception on Saturday, February 3, from 5-7 pm, will offer a delightful evening filled with art, culture, and camaraderie. 

    Attendees can also enjoy light hors d’oeuvres while immersing themselves in the frost-inspired masterpieces already on display as part of this ongoing exhibit.

    Expressing her excitement about the upcoming reception, Nita Kehoe said, “This event is not just about the art; it’s about the stories each piece tells. ‘Frosted’ has allowed our artists to explore and express the beauty of winter in ways that resonate with everyone.”

    The participating artists include Aly Ball, Aubrey Ellis, Bryce Giesmann, Wendy Herrmann, Aaron Ivie, Nita Kehoe, Patrick Jacobson, Tresa King, Alice Marlett, Lindy Paskett, Noelle Weimann, Delina Wille, and Al Hubbard, 

    If you’re seeking an evening of artistic enchantment and community spirit, mark your calendars for the “Frosted” art exhibit reception. 

    Don’t miss the chance to be part of this sensory journey through winter’s artistic beauty. Join us for an unforgettable evening at the Robert A. Peck Arts Center on February 3rd!

    Frosted Art Exhibit Reception

    Date: Saturday, February 3, 2024

    Time: 5-7 pm

    Location: Robert A. Peck Arts Center, Central Wyoming College, 2660 Peck Ave., Riverton, Wyoming 

    Join us for this extraordinary evening of art, culture, and community at the Robert A. Peck Arts Center!

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