4th of July Sale at Gamble’s: This sale is as big and sparkly as any fireworks show!

The 4th of July Sale thing kinda snuck up on us, here at Gamble’s.

We get a little caught up in serving you, our friends and neighbors. We tend to get focused on inspiring our customers and finding just the right pieces to make your house a home.

Sometimes we forget about the whole “sale thing.” I mean that we kinda hate sales. Read my thoughts about Black Friday here.

We have fun with them, don’t get me wrong, but big sales mean one thing to us here at Gamble’s – our community gets to save money.

See, when the manufacturers lower prices for a sale, that means us little local guys can offer the same prices as the big box stores and still afford to pay your neighbor down the street who works for us.

So, we’ve got a sale going for the 4th of July……………but we completely forgot to sit down in a La-Z-Boy and think about being funny. So, instead of our usual wit (or lack thereof), we thought we’d just get to the point….

…and then show you some old pictures of Shane so you can laugh a little 🙂

4th of July Sale at Gamble’s in Lander – NOW through July 10th

12 Month 0% Financing, with approved credit, is available for this sale!

…are at their lowest price all year. Really we mean it, no joke. [Make a joke, here]

  • 20 different mattress models are 20% off + a free box spring
  • [make a joke about Shane waving the flag for deals or some other goofball thing]

…Take 20% off the sale prices on ALL furniture. You could be getting 35% or even more on a few items. [insert something sarcastic about how Shane’s super bald]

…Get 30-40% off MSRP on select models of just about every brand. Plus, with deals on Kitchen Sets, the more you buy, the more you save.

Malouf Sheet sets…

…aren’t on sale. We don’t ever put them on sale. Why? Because we sell them at or below Amazon prices.

Seriously. Find a sheet set in our store. Find it on Amazon. Same or better price. We don’t guarantee that though, because frankly, who has time to Amazon price check all day? We have furniture to deliver!!

Why such good prices?

Because we think buying local is cool and it shouldn’t just be a guilt trip – it should actually be awesome.

All jokes aside, Shane simply loves to make you smile. In all seriousness, that’s why we do this. We sell, service and deliver all to see our community smile.

Have a fun and safe 4th, Fremont County!

Oh, and don’t bust your fingers up, the guys from Gamble’s deliver your items with FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of the store (that includes Riverton!).

Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook.