41st annual Sinks Canyon photo contest winners announced

    (Lander, WY) – Eleven photographers won ribbons in the 41st annual Sinks Canyon State Park photo contest. Photographers from Wyoming, Colorado, and Wisconsin were represented in this year’s judging.

    The photo of a rufous hummingbird taken by Lander-resident Nancy Alley won Best of Show. The photo is titled “It’s Hummer Time!”

    This year’s contest featured a new set of rules, according to a press release. In previous years, photographers entered their photographs into categories for first, second, and third place. This year, the Sinks Canyon Natural Resource Council chose to give ribbons to a best of show and a “top ten” regardless of the subject. Each photographer could only be awarded two ribbons. Sixteen honorable mention ribbons were also given.


    “The new set of rules provides a greater opportunity for all photographers to place,” said Resource Council member Randy Wise. “Eliminating the categories allows for the judges to base their decisions on the technicality and creativity of each photograph without constraint.”

    The Best of Show winner receives $200, and each “top ten” winner receives $80. Judges this year included Angela Kleist, Lesley Simonson, and Darrel Trembly.

    The winning photographs are on display at the Sinks Canyon Visitor Center through Labor Day. Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite photograph. The photograph with the most votes will bring home another $200 for the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

    Top Ten Blue Ribbons (in no order):

    • “Storm at South Pass City”-Matt Myers
    • “Deep Rooted”- Holly Sandefer
    • “Fall On the River”- Matt Myers
    • “Nighttime Reflections on Frye Lake”- Joe Meiman
    • “The Solace of Winter”-Bill Alley
    • “Subtle Beauty”-Bill Alley
    • “Sego Lily”-Mandi Wood
    • “Leave It To Beaver”-Jared Kail
    • “Yellow Headed Blackbird”-Nancy Alley
    • “Look Into My Eye”-Jared Kail

    Honorable Mention (in no order):

    • “Right Hook”- Nancy Alley
    • “Bald Eagle”-Nancy Alley
    • “Great Horned Owls Watching Me”- Nancy Alley
    • “Red Milkweed Bug”-Nancy Alley
    • “Snowshoe Hare”-Nancy Alley
    • “Sinks Canyon Arrowleaf Balsamroot”-Jared Kail
    • “Roaring Fork Columbine”-Jared Kail
    • “Canyon Color”-Jared Kail
    • “Bighorn Sheep Rams”- Candace McCue Veach
    • “Sinks Canyon”-Jan Ferguson
    • “Red Canyon”-Jan Ferguson
    • “Popo Agie Falls”-Cinthia Hayford
    • “Busy Bees”-Matt Myers
    • “Bluebird”-Aidan Hayford
    • “Fox”-Cinthia Hayford
    • “Three Little Boats”-Holly Sandefer


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