1st COVID vaccines administered on Wind River Reservation Thursday

    (Arapahoe, WY) – Ceremonial Elder of the Northern Arapaho Tribe George Moss was the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on the Wind River Reservation today, December 17th. “This is for all of my people, my Arapaho people,” he said just before receiving it.

    The vaccines arrived at Wind River Family and Community Healthcare in Arapahoe just a few short hours before they were administered this evening. These first 150 Pfizer vaccines were picked up from Ft. Belknap, Montana over the weekend by Kathy Osborn and Amanda White with the WRFCHC Environmental Health Department.

    In addition to Moss, 3 WRFCHC medical personnel received the vaccine this evening including LPN Julia Antelope, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Paul Ebbert, and RN Catherine Addison.


    An additional 975 Pfizer vaccines are expected to be received next week, according to WRFCHC Communication Specialist Lisa Yawakia. The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine should be arriving after the new year. 

    The Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored in around -80°F temperatures so special freezers are required – WRFCHC received their storage freezer earlier this week. Fortunately, the Moderna vaccine does not require such cold storage.

    Prior to the first vaccines, Moss along with the newly elected Northern Arapaho Business Council Chairman Jordan Dresser, Dr. Ebbert, and NABC Co-Chair Lee Spoonhunter shared a few words which can be heard in the video below.

    WRFCHC currently provides medical services for all federally recognized tribal members and descendants of them, Yawakia shared. She also provided the COVID-19 vaccine priority list which is as follows:

    1. Medical/Healthcare Personnel 
    2. Elders 
    3. Essential workers 
    4. Highrisk Patients 

    900 Moderna vaccines are scheduled to arrive for Fremont County Public Health and SageWest Health Care for frontline workers on Monday, December 21st, according to the latest update from the Fremont County Incident Management Team. 250 Pfizer vaccines were supposed to be delivered from Cody this week, however, freezer issues prevented their arrival. County 10 will keep you up-to-date on the latest information.


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