10 new Coronavirus cases in Fremont County reported Saturday including grocery store employees

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Fremont County Incident Management Team release:

Fremont County tested positives for COVID-19 as of today is 76. (10 additional cases in the last 24 hours) The State Public Health Site lists 7 probable positives for Fremont County which means they were in close proximity to a confirmed positive.


Part of our large number of positive cases noted yesterday and today, included grocery store employees. These individuals were without symptoms. We are grateful to these citizens and their employer because they diligently wore cloth face masks at work. This likely resulted in a significant reduction of transmission of illness within the workplace AND the community. This has made contact tracing much easier for public health staff to do. Cloth face masks should be worn in public places to protect others.  Thank you.

Brian Gee MD
Fremont County Health Officer