You are not alone – Find connection, hope, and support at SOSL Day events

    International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an event in which survivors of suicide loss come together to find connection, understanding, and hope through their shared experiences. With one of the top suicide rates in Wyoming, Fremont County has several events happening on Saturday, November 19th, and a SOSL support group that meets monthly year-round.

    Fremont Counseling Service and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention are holding an event, Reclaiming Life After Loss, on Saturday, November 19th at the Riverton Branch Library from 1-3 pm. Join them for a great discussion, make connections, and enjoy warm beverages and snacks. For more information, please contact Becky Parker at 307-856-6587.

    Eastern Shoshone Recovery will be having several events on Saturday. From 12-4 pm, they will be holding a Talking Circle and Smudge, a sweat lodge, and a traditional meal. This will all be happening at 7 Shipton Lane in Fort Washakie. For more information, please contact Kellie, John, or Joseph at 307-335-1169.

    ESR would like to offer this event to honor our losses as well as survivors and families affected by suicide. This is a gathering to find connection, understanding, hope and healing through shared experiences.

    For those interested in monthly support, a SOSL Support Group meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Riverton Branch Library.

    At the beginning of a group, you may have some anxiety and that is normal; “What will happen in this group, will I be able to tolerate talking about my own grief and listening to others talk about theirs? Can I trust these people?” 

    One of the more important things this group will focus on is to help survivors see that the guilt and shame they may be experiencing are normal and that the suicide was not their fault. They will stress that care for themselves is also important. 

    “I believe groups help the bereaved heal. Life will never be the same, but eventually the bereaved accept their loss as part of their personal history. Support groups encourage the bereaved to reconcile their loss and find meaning in life and living,” shared group facilitator, Sue Rector. “A group with shared loss counters the sense of isolation the bereaved often experience in our shame-based, mourning-avoiding culture.”

    Not sure if any of this is for you. Click here for “10 Reasons to Attend a Survivor Day Event.” And always remember, hope is out there, and you are not alone.

    To learn more about programs for suicide loss survivors, please visit For other suicide prevention resources in Fremont County, click here.

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