Wyoming State Parks enhances accessibility with new assistive technology device

    (Statewide) – Wyoming State Parks announces the addition of the TrackMaster Series 2 mobility chair to its fleet of assistive technology devices. 

    The TrackMaster Series 2 is a rugged, all-terrain mobility chair that will provide visitors with greater access to the state’s parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.

    “We are committed to providing all visitors with the opportunity to experience the beauty of Wyoming’s state parks,” said Kyle Bernis, District Manager for Wyoming State Parks in southwest Wyoming. “The TrackMaster Series 2 mobility chair will allow visitors with mobility challenges to explore more of our parks and participate in a wider range of activities.”


    The TrackMaster Series 2 is designed to go anywhere a traditional wheelchair can’t. It has large, all-terrain tires that can handle rough terrain, and it can climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. The chair also features a comfortable seat, a backrest with adjustable recline, and a headrest.

    Wyoming State Parks obtained the chair through a grant from the Bronco Wild Fund administered by the America’s State Parks Foundation. In collaboration, America’s State Parks and Ford Motor Company through its Bronco Wild Fund granted 18 state parks track chairs, increasing accessibility across the nation. 

    Track chairs provide new outdoor experiences for wheelchair users and other individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to explore the beauty of nature and scenic views previously unreachable.

    “The directors of America’s State Parks wholeheartedly support and express appreciation for the Bronco Wild Fund’s grant initiative to provide track chairs in our state parks,” Lewis Ledford, Executive Director of the National Association State Park Park Directors said.


    “These chairs not only enhance accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges but also open the doors of our beautiful state parks to a wider range of nature enthusiasts.These grants, being administered through the America’s State Parks Foundation, are fostering inclusivity, enabling more people to experience the wonder and serenity of our natural heritage and natural treasures. We also gratefully acknowledge Action TrackChairs and TrackMaster Mobility, the manufacturers, who have also contributed to placing track chairs in state parks. Together, we can ensure that every American can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of experiencing our state parks. America’s State Parks are a place for everyone to explore and cherish,” Ledford added. 

    The TrackMaster Series 2 will be available to rent at no cost at select Wyoming State Parks, including Bear River State Park, South Pass City State Historic Site, and Seminoe State Park.

    Visitors can obtain more information and reserve the chair by emailing [email protected].


    “We are confident that the TrackMaster Series 2 will make a big difference in the lives of our visitors,” Bernis said. “We are committed to making our parks accessible to everyone, and this is just one of the many ways we are working to achieve that goal.”


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