Wyoming State Parks cancels Via Ferrata Project in Sinks Canyon

    (Lander, WY) – After careful consideration and a comprehensive evaluation process, Wyoming State Parks regretfully announces the cancellation of the Via Ferrata project at Sinks Canyon State Park.

    The decision comes as a result of the prohibitively high cost to obtain engineering certification for the selected Sandstone Buttress cliff face, a key component of the proposed Via Ferrata.

    Originally proposed during the award-winning Sinks Canyon Master Plan process, the Via Ferrata project sought to provide an exciting and unique outdoor recreation experience for visitors to Sinks Canyon State Park. However, upon conducting a thorough analysis of the engineering requirements, it has become evident that the financial burden associated with securing the necessary certification is too substantial to proceed with the project.  


    The rigorous evaluation process for the Via Ferrata project involved extensive collaboration with various stakeholders and public input. Wyoming State Parks organized numerous public meetings, which allowed members of the community to voice their opinions and concerns.

    Additionally, cultural surveys were conducted by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribal Historic Preservation Offices to ensure the preservation of cultural and historical heritage.

    Recommendations from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department were also considered during the evaluation process. Furthermore, Wyoming State Parks actively sought input from user groups and stakeholders to gauge the potential impact of the Via Ferrata project on the local community and the natural environment.

    Wyoming State Parks appreciates the many stakeholders who chose to participate in the planning process and who contributed their insights and expertise on this and many other issues. 


    While the Via Ferrata project will not be realized at Sinks Canyon State Park, the agency will continue to collaborate with communities actively seeking assistance in expanding and enhancing their outdoor recreational offerings. 

    “Unfortunately, this issue became divisive in the Lander community, and this was certainly not our intention,” said Wyoming State Parks Acting Director, Dave Glenn. “There was a lot of misinformation out there that we continually worked to get out in front of. Luckily, there are plenty of other communities requesting new amenities in our state parks, and moving forward we plan to put our energies in those communities.” 

    For further updates and information on Wyoming State Parks’ initiatives, please visit the official website at


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