Wyoming Hunters & Fishermen announce ice derby winners

(Shoshoni, WY) Wyoming Hunters & Fishermen, along with co-hosts and sponsors B&K Shoreline Stop and the Boysen Marina, announced the winners of this weekend’s ice fishing derby held at Boysen Reservoir on Sunday.

A Boysen tradition for many years, WH&F’s Jay Fountain said this was his “fourth year fishing it and my third year sponsoring it,” he said. “The last two years, I did the kids-only with door prizes. This year there were prizes and plaques for the biggest fish for everybody, down to even the smallest fish for the kids.”

Fountain added his appreciation to the Davisons of B&K Shoreline Spot for putting on the derby. “Bruce and Karen are very much appreciated,” he said. “This is my favorite (derby) to sponsor and participate in. It’s so fun, and there are a lot of downhome, good folks.”


Participation was just 20 entries shy of last year’s derby. Cash awards were given for the categories of crappie, ling, perch, trout, and walleye by weight.


1st: Alyssa Brown – 5.03 lbs (youth)

2nd: Adam Lye – 5.00 lbs


3rd: Westlyn Parkins – 4.15 lbs (youth)

4th: Willie Forbes – 4.08 lbs



1st: Wayne Olsen – 1.14 lbs

2nd: Jeremy Lyons – 1.11 lbs

3rd: Richard Smith – 1.09 lbs


4th: Richard Smith – 1.09 lbs


1st: Tristen Boysen – 4.08 lbs

2nd: Westlyn Parkins – 3.08 lbs (youth)

3rd: Zebulon Malesker – 3.07 lbs

4th: Brandon Reed – 3.06 lbs


1st: Clayne Standish – 1.10 lbs

2nd: Tyler Elkins – 1.09 lbs

3rd: Kenneth Post – 1.09 lbs

4th: Azia Martinez – 1.08 lbs


1st: Damion Knigge – 3.15 lbs (youth)

2nd: John Winter – 3.13 lbs

3rd: John Winter – 3.12 lbs

4th: Amee Zuck – 3:08 lbs

Smallest Fish Awards:

Aubrey Lopez, crappie – 0.01 lbs (youth)

Hayden Lawrence, ling – 0.04 lbs (youth)

For more information about Wyoming Hunters & Fishermen, join their Facebook group @WyoHuntersFisherman


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