Wyoming Honor Farm announces Employee of the Year

    Warden Michael Harlow with the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) is pleased to announce that Terry Carpenter has been named Employee of the Year for the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton.

    Though Terry Carpenter has only officially worked for the Department of Corrections for a little over two years, she has a long history with the Department, having lived on grounds of the Honor Farm for over ten years when her husband, Carp, was the business manager here. Terry has always been supportive of the Honor Farm, but over the last year her contributions have been outstanding; both in her exceptional work as an accountant for the facility and in her willingness to go above and beyond and help out wherever the need exists.

    On a daily basis, her solid work ethic and her desire to help the Department and the facility achieve its mission, is evident. Examples of her exemplary teamwork include volunteering for a second round of escort duty at WSP for construction contractors; assisting the Women’s Center with their commissary; covering the Honor Farm commissary in the absence of its supervisor, and assisting, as needed, in a variety of Honor Farm functions.


    In her role as an accountant for the Honor Farm she has attained a high level of proficiency in a short time. Terry’s nearly eight years of service for the State of Wyoming in the State Engineer's Office prior to transferring to the Honor Farm, provided her a wealth of knowledge and experience of state procedures that she has turned into a strong asset in her duties here at the Honor Farm.

    Our staff know they can turn to her for guidance on any fiscal matter and that she will follow through quickly and accurately on any task given to her. Terry’s quick wit and smile is valued by both the staff and the inmates. We truly appreciate the character and worth she displays on the Farm and we are fortunate to have her.

    The Farm Family is an employee organization that reaches out to employees and their families by providing support in a variety of ways which, in turn, helps to boost morale at the facility. Terry’s efforts as President were critical in pulling off all of these events. She is a great organizer, uses her humor as persuasion to get others involved and helps keep everyone motivated for a great cause. The Wyoming Honor Farm staff is truly thankful to her for her efforts over the last year.


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