Tribal ID for voting house bill signed by Governor Gordon today

    HD 33 Representative Andi Clifford shared the following announcement today, March 12th:

    HB0026 – Tribal ID for voting passed and was signed by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordan today. This legislation will allow the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribal members, if they wish to add their current valid Wyoming driver’s license number to their tribal ID, to use just their tribal IDs at any time to register to vote.

    Right now, the tribes have the ability to add what they wish to their tribal IDs. If a tribal member chooses not to have their current valid Wyoming driver’s license number on their tribal ID or do not have a current valid Wyoming driver’s license, they will still be able to use their tribal ID and their last four (4) digits of their social security number to register to vote. Tribal IDs are already an approved identification card and are valid under W.S.8-7-101.


    The Select Committee on Tribal Relations worked during the interim in coordination with the Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee, the Tribes, Secretary of State’s office and county clerks looking for tribal and state-level solutions to address using Tribal IDs to register to vote. What this bill does is provide clear expectations to the tribes, every county, and the state regarding Tribal IDs.

    The Secretary of State’s office will be responsible for enforcing this law, and the county clerks will be responsible for executing this new law.


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