Time to get your grill on – Porter’s BBQ Battle is back!

It’s that time again! The smell of smokey BBQ is in the air most evenings and weekends. You know what I mean. When you’re sitting on your porch smelling the BBQ wafting over the fence from your neighbor’s yard, you feel a tinge of jealousy and your stomach begins to growl. That’s your sign to break out the grill and start some grilling of your own. It’s also a sign that Porter’s BBQ Battle is just around the corner.

Let’s get ready to rumble…er, GRILL!

The snow still wants to fly from time to time, but hey, bbq in the snow and you may get extra points for the effort! Grilling in the snow is almost as satisfying as sitting in the hot tub in the snow. I said almost! Porter’s sells hot tubs too so you can try both if you want. For now, we’ll just concentrate on the grilling or better yet, what you’re grilling.

Because it’s all about what you’re grillin’ and not as much about how you’re chillin’. We want to see all the delicious food and inspirational creations you come up with on the grill. Time to get your grill on!

The contest begins on Saturday, April 23rd, and goes through June 22nd. This gives you two months of fabulous BBQs to get your best shot. All you have to do is snap a picture, upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #whatsgrillin and be sure to tag Porter’s Mountain View Supply in the post. For those that want it simplified even more: SNAP, UPLOAD, HASHTAG, TAG.

A few tips:

  • Make sure your Facebook post is set to public, not private
  • People don’t mind if you get your kids or pets in the photo (see last year’s winner)
  • Enter as many photos as you like. The more food to drool over the better!
  • Don’t forget the hashtag! #whatsgrillin

There are awesome prizes to win and fun giveaways each week. Be watching Porter’s Facebook page for updates each week and of course to scope out the competition. It’s on! So what are you waiting for? Slap some meat on the grill and start your masterpiece!

And to show we’ve got your back, here are a few awesome recipes to get you started.

Need a new grill before you take that prize-winning photo? We know just the place for that. Visit Porter’s at 750 East Sunset Drive in Riverton and let Leo hook you up!

If Toys”R”Us was for adults, it would be Porter’s Mountain View Supply!

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